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Days 213-218: Trenton, NJ, USA

Hanging with the fam.

sunny 15 °C
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It was nice relaxing and being clean at my aunt Nancy's. I got to hang out with my aunt Beth, Uncle Sam, and little cousin joe (who's now 6'3" and 18). We went to this sweet park that was full of about 300 sculptures, a lot by this guy Seward Johnson. And I spent some time checking out Princeton. The university is cool; the library is pretty nice; but be careful, it's art museum is awesome but closed on Mondays. There were a few things worth checking out here and there around Trenton, but... Eh, I didn't do them. NJ overall isn't a touristy spot.

Princeton U: 8
Princeton Public Library: 8
Morven Museum: 6
Grounds For Sculpture: 9


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Days 219-220: Philly, PA, USA


sunny 15 °C
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Well, I just came here to see a Kooks show with Tom, my camping buddy from Denmark. Ate some cheese steaks. Kelly Drive, the walk through the middle of the city, was to amazing, but the Rodin and Art Museums at the west end of it were pretty awesome.

Art Museum: 10
This is the building that Rocky trains on when he's running up those stairs and "Eye of the Tiger" is playing. They actually moved his statue down to the base of the stairs! Before, it used to be right at the top of the stairs for everyone to see... The Philly art museum had some good stuff, though. Joan Miro, Hieronymus Bosch, Edgar Degas, Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, Titian, el Greco, Tintoretto, Poussin, Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, de Goya, Ingres, Eugene Delacroix, Jacques-Louis David, Canaletto, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Gris, Kandinsky, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Klee, Pissarro, some of van Gogh's sunflowers, Cezanne, Claude Manet, stupid Renoir, some of Monet's lilies, Gauguin, Murillo, Zurbaran, Munch, some more Rodin, Sisley, Seurat, Klimt. Some new favorites Egon Schiele and Eduard Charlemont.

Rodin Museum: 8.5
Kelly Drive: 6.5


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Days 221-223: Hartford, CT, USA

Hanging with Gordo.

sunny 15 °C
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We were really just wandering around weird places at the capitol. This was a really strange place it had a section of archives and genealogy, an (old?) court room, and a hall of colonial statesmen portraits, colonial charters/declarations,and completely arbitrary and absurd paraphernalia from all eras of Connecticut's history (guns, posters, cannons, buttons, a voting machine). Kinda funny.
Connecticut State Library/Archives: 8.5

This was a kinda small gallery, but it did have some good stuff.
Wadsworth Atheneum: 8.5


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Days 224-227: NYC, NY, USA

Back in the city

sunny 15 °C
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Hey, NYC is always awesome! I stayed in a hostel around Brooklyn this time.

Wow. My first, second, and third times at the Met were pretty awesome. That thing's big! Four city blocks in Central Park. Ingres, Monet, de Goya, Rembrandt, el Greco, Sisley, more fucking Renoir, Matisse, Cezanne, van Gogh (some of his sunflowers and a selfie), Seurat, Signac, Gauguin, a ton of Picasso, Miro, Henry Moore, Rodin, four rooms of Degas, Gris, Klee, Dali, Kandinsky, Diego Rivera, John Singer Sargent, Copley, Gilbert Stuart, Eakins, some epic George Washington portraits, some amazing Gustav Klimt, Jackson Pollock, Thomas Hart Benton's epic "America Today", Winslow Homer, "Washington Crossing the Delaware", Manet, Eugene Delacroix, Pissarro, three rooms of Claude Monet with some of his water lilies.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: 10

The Frick Collection is an old mansion museum by the park and the Met. It does have some cool works, but it's pretty small when you compare it took the Met. I spent maybe an hour there. There are some Thomas Gainsborough, George Romney, Titian, Holbein the Younger, Joshua Reynolds, Henry Raeburn, Gilbert Stuart, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Ingres, Anthony van Dyck, Velazquez, some Rembrandt including maybe his best selfie, Jacques Louis David, de Goya, some awesome el Greco, and Edouard Manet.
Frick Collection: 8.5

I didn't go to any of the really famous lookout points but I went to the top of the Met and some good spots in the park and this little mountain park on the north west side where the cloisters are.
Manhattan Skyline: 9.5

Not my first time here, but Central Park is awesome. Always a ton of people playing and running and doing weird things. Looks nice and has cool views of the city.
Central Park: 9.5

Not my first time in Times Square either, but it's always a good place to watch people.
Times Square: 8

I actually expected the NY Library to be better than it was. The huge main building is over a century old. It's really pretty inside, and it's like 4 stories. And the are a few paintings by Joshua Reynolds, Henry Raeburn, George Romney, Gilbert Stuart (including one of his George Washingtons). There's a Gutenberg Bible, too (one of the first books ever printed with a removable type printing press). It also had the original Winnie the Pooh dolls that inspired the books. There also are a ton of super old books, but you don't get to see most of them.
New York Public Library: 8.5


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Days 228-232: Washington DC, USA

Haven't been here since I was a kid.

sunny 15 °C
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DC was actually a really friendly city. I was really surprised. Pretty clean, not too dangerous-seeming. Really easy to get around on a bike. There're rental stations everywhere. I used my sister's bike, and my friend Lindsay showed me all over. I'd definitely go back again, but maybe for a week or so.

The National Gallery is good even though it's not as big as some others like the Met (especially since half of it is being renovated and won't be done for a good 5 years). I saw some Titian, Tintoretto, a couple rooms of Rembrandt, van Gogh including one of his selfies, so much Degas (probably the best collection of them), a big exhibit on Andrew Wyeth (of water color landscapes in particular), Peter Paul Rubens, stupid Renoir, a few rooms of Claude Monet including some of his lilies, Ribera, Zurbaran, Murillo, Velazquez, Jan van Eyck, a couple rooms of Anthony van Dyck, Nicholas Maes, Jacques Louis David, Ingres, Cezanne, Pissarro, Paul Gauguin, Eugene Delacroix, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Seurat, Edouard Manet, Francisco de Goya, Thomas Gainsborough, Joshua Reynolds, Eakins, Copley, Henry Raeburn, Gilbert Stuart, one Leonardo da Vinci, a room of Raphael, Canaletto, Nicolas Poussin, one Hieronymus Bosch, one Henry Moore, and a cool atrium.
National Art Gallery: 9.5

The Newseum is like a first amendment museum. Lotsa things about freedom of press and the development of charters and constitutions. There are famous photos and newspapers from around the world for different cultures and languages. There's also interesting exhibits about different big events in modern history like the unabomber and mobsters. And it's like 7 floors, so you could spend a lot of time there. Your ticket is good for two days, too.
Newseum: 9

There's a huge outdoor monument for Roosevelt. It's full of waterfalls, granite, and quotes. Free guides, too!
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial: 9

I suppose the WA Monument is just a giant sandstone obelisk, but it is pretty huge. And you can see it from like anywhere in DC.
Washington Monument: 9

Jefferson isn't my number one patriot or anything... But maybe he should be. He was all about equality and inalienable rights. The monument was pretty.
Jefferson Memorial: 8.5

Lincoln's one of the coolest dudes, so of course he has an epic monument. The are parts that show the Gettysburg Address and his 2nd...inauguration address? So many tourists but... It's a given.
Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting Pool: 9

Wow, this basilica was huge! You haveta go there to really see it. And there's an underground crypt and church, then another church above it. It has art and saints from every country. There're some cool views of the city, too.
Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception: 9.5

This MLK monument is actually pretty new. It looked really cool. It looks like he's walking out of a giant rock with a bunch of quotes. It was made by a Chinese artist which I guess some people didn't like.
MLK National Memorial: 9


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Days 233-235: Detroit, MI, USA

Fun place, lotsa street art, a little scary.

sunny 15 °C
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Detroit was surprisingly cool! I got to hang out with Jamie and Mel! And Jamie let me crash at her place. We checked out some cool buildings and this neighborhood that is full of street art.

Well, Detroit's gallery has one or two works each by quite a few masters. And a couple more recognizable works in all. It's open till 10 pm on Fridays and free of you're from a poor suburb. And they have musical guests. I saw a pianist who played a lot of more experimental stuff and had a sounds like a DJ looping tracks on a computer. There was some de Goya, Ingres, Delacroix, Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough, Anthony van Dyck, Henry Raeburn, George Romney, a small room of Rembrandt, Vincent Van Gogh (including a selfie), John Singleton Copley, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Canaletto, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Peter Paul Rubens, Nicholas Poussin, Velazquez, Jose de Ribera, Tintoretto, Titian, Caravaggio, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Gilbert Stuart, Winslow Homer, Thomas Eakins, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, John Singer Sargent, Claude Monet (including lilies on loan from the Orsay in Paris), a huge room by Diego Rivera, Sisley, Georges Seurat, Camille Pissarro, Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Cezanne, Auguste Rodin, Henri Matisse, Juan Gris, Kandinsky, Joan Miro, Paul Klee, Henry Moore, Andrew Wyeth, Edouard Manet, a Henry Moore in wood...
Detroit Institute of Art: 9

We explored the area around the river. Not sure what to say. Kinda cool.
Detroit Riverfront/Riverwalk: 8


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Days 236-242: Chicago, IL, USA


storm 15 °C
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I stayed with this really cool couple. They were from Georgia and Saint Petersburg. Thankfully, they let me crash with them for the whole week. They even let me have a key. It was right next to the University of Chicago and even closer to Barack Obama's house. I ate at this little cafeteria where he used to always eat at. There was a little bar near by, too, that had a jazz band. I had some Chicago style pizza with some new and old friends which was actually really good and took me two days to finish. And Halloween was good! I went to a sweet party with a balcony in one of these big skyscrapers the weekend before. Then on Halloween, I hung out with my friends Becca and Rick and went uptown to Boystown where there was a parade. But freaking polar vortex! The winds and hail and snow were crazy! I watched John Wick by myself in a totally empty IMAX. It was good!

I went to a restaurant. Great sandwiches. Busy but fast. Near the university asked on a main street with some cool street art.
Medici Cafe: 9

Millennium Park is a cool park that just goes along the coast and it's right next to the Art Institute. They're building a lot more, so it might be a lot cooler soon. And this statue and fountain are some of the most recognizable things from Chicago. This was a really good gallery. You could probably see it all in one day if you weren't early in the morning. Some unique works are here by some big names. Saw.. some Degas, stupid Renoir, Sisley, Seurat, Dali, Tanguy, Pollock, Warhol, Klee, Kandinsky, Rodin, El Greco, Rembrandt, Gilbert Stuart, Copley, Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins, John Comfort Tiffany, Augustus Saint Gaudens, Daniel Chester French (the guy who made the Lincoln monument I think), Andrew Wyeth, Thomas Hart Benton, Diego Rivera, Georgia O'Keeffe (who I don't really care about)... There're sections on other kinds of art and antiquities, but I've already seen so much of that.
Millennium Park: 8.5
Cloud Gate: 8.5
Crown Fountain: 8.5
Art Institute of Chicago: 10

The University has a ton of free art to see, but you need to pick up a brochure at the Oriental Museum to see when and where. The whole campus is really nice. There're vines growing up all of their neo-Gothic buildings. There's this house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that apparently shaped architecture of the rest of the 19th century (and we snuck onto a paid tour!). It was a really cool building. And there's this really pretty church thing right next to it. Abbas next to that is the Oriental Museum which has some pretty big walls from Assyrian temples and stuff.
University of Chicago: 8.5
Robie House: 8.5
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel: 8
Oriental Institute Museum: 8.5

Well, this whole area downtown is just a nice clean shopping area with some expensive stores. I mean, it's nice cuz all the cool buildings are over here, though I didn't go up any. The churches were pretty nice. I went to the bar at the top of the Hancock Tower which has an awesome view, but you only really get to appreciate it if you are sitting at the windows with someone. Otherwise you're kinda far away. If you're alone, or want a better view, just pay the 20 to go to the observation deck versus 15 to get a drink at the bar. Though I hear this is better than going up Sears Tower cuz it could take hours to get through the lines, even if you have a Chicago pass. But the guy at Walgreen's gave me a discount on the soup!
Michigan Avenue: 8
Magnificent Mile: 8
Lakefront Trail: 8
MI Ave Bridge: 8
Tribune Tower: 8
Wrigley Building: 8
Holy Name Cathedral: 8
Fourth Presbyterian Church: 8
John Hancock Center: 8.5

Don't really give a shit about zoos, but it was free! Lions, camels, gorillas... And the park's on the lake and has since ponds and greenhouses you can check out.
Lincoln Park: 8
Lincoln Park Zoo: 8

There's this preserved mansion from the 19th century. It's about 20 bucks, and it's main draw is an entire floor of Tiffany glass.
Richard H. Driehaus Museum: 8.5

There's a cool science museum by the university. It had some things that're more for kids, but their exhibits and movies are awesome. Their theatre is a big dome, and I saw a movie about monarch butterflies and D-Day. And I got to go on a u-boat. Their was another cool attraction about patterns in nature like the golden ratio and fractals. It's shockingly expensive though: almost 40 bucks.
Museum of Science and Industry: 9.5

I went to this neighborhood where there's a lot of outdoor art. So first of all, this place is free and has free events. There are small galleries for local artists that are mostly abstract and not that great. There are some cool things about architectural conservation efforts. The building itself is from maybe 1866 and has some cool rooms. But overall, it's not that impressive. The Picasso statue is nice. We saw some weird Hanukkah dance and song there. It's right next to a Miro statue and this Chicago Temple.
Picasso Statue: 7
Chicago Cultural Center: 7

I checked out a jazz and blues club that has a cover usually (12 when I went on a Thursday). It is awesome. They have two stages and are open from about 8pm to 3am. Drinks aren't too expensive. Awesome acts. It's a little far toward the north end of the city, so be prepared.
Kingston Mines: 9.5


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Days 243-247: Vancouver, BC, Canada

More shitty weather!

storm 10 °C
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I stayed with a few people from different parts of west Canada. They were engineers and translators. They were all pretty cool, and we checked out some hip(ster) food and drink stops. Got to play some console video games for the first time in years. Man, Skyrim is crazy good. Now I get it.

Well, ran along the north west coast of Vancouver past the beaches and trees and university. It was pouring rain, but it was alright. Did a third of a marathon, which was that only running I've done in months. Had like 8min km splits. Pretty horrible. I want my marathon split to be 6 min, and I usedta be at 6.5min.
Spanish Bank Beach Park: 7
University of BC: 7

I checked out the whole waterfront area. Well, it was pouring rain... But this little island that's not really an island was kinda cool. All these little galleries and breweries and markets are there. I did a flight of beer from Canada's oldest microbrewery. I took a little ferry on the False Creek from the island English Bay on the other side. This part of town has a little forest on the beach.
Granville Island: 8
False Creek: 7.5
Aquabus Ferry: 7.5
English Bay: 7
Stanley Park: 8
Third Beach: 7

I feel, like other Canadian cities, it's safe, pleasant, and quaint. But I got to see a few Halloween costumes.
Downtown: 7.5

Well, the university is big and nice-looking. Apparently it's pretty highly-ranked also. The anthropology museum is pretty good, though. I suppose its main draw is that it has a lot of native pacific northwest art. So you could spend a few hours there. It's about 15 bucks, but it's only 10 and open til 9pm on Tuesdays.
University of British Colombia: 7
Museum of Anthropology: 8.5


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Days 248-254: Seattle, WA, USA

Seattle's cool!

storm 15 °C
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In Seattle I stayed in this awesome house south of the city. These four people lived there who were kinda hippie-ish. They had unlimited chocolate! They had a sweet seven deadly sins party. And there was all kinds of interesting food. And Dunkaroos!

I went to a cool glass gallery and the Gates Center. Well, these things are right next to the space needle. I've seen a lot of Chihuly's glasswork before, but I never knew anything about him. He's really good. The gallery is pricey at around 20 bucks, but it's definitely worth it. The Gates Center is free, so might as well check it out. It explains the problems that their grants address and why they're chosen, which is interesting. You can also just sit there and watch some TED Talk screenings.
Chihuly Glass and Garden: 10
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visitors Center: 8

Their library is awesome. It's not super-old or anything, but it's a big 11-story spiral full of stacks. Good selection of comics and everything.
Seattle Public Library: 8.5

I took a big ferry to one of the nearby islands. Just nice views of the city and Puget Sound. I would've liked to see more of the island, like this Japanese American Exclusion Monument. Apparently one of the biggest pre-WWII Japanese communities was on this island. There were a few hundred people; less than a third were issei, and some were even sansei. And they were all shipped to a camp in California. And it was documented by Ansel Adams. There was a cool local gallery and a nice crepe place.
Ferry: 9
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art: 8.5
Bainbridge Island Historical Museum: 8

Seattle's market is awesome, especially if you like food. There was really every kind. Fresh produce and restaurants. I went by the first Starbucks. I bought a cube crystal of pyrite, and I checked out a pretty good comic shop.
Pike Place Market: 9

Awesome views up here in the Colombia Center, better than at the space needle. I think it's the 2nd tallest building on the west coast. You can see Puget Sound, the city, and all the mountains around it. Mount Rainier is crazy. It looks so big; it's over 14,000 feet.
Colombia Center Sky View Observatory: 8.5

I accidentally got off the bus at the university, BUT THAT'S OKAY. It's a nice campus. Very pretty and walkable. Nice trees and a little neo-gothic architecture. The library is okay. But it's right across the bridge from the arboretum. There's a nice visitors center with some info and interpreters. It's pretty big. The Wooden Boat Center was Mort that impressive, but it's free, and you can ride on some old boats early Sunday mornings for free.
University of Washington: 7.5
Washington Park Arboretum: 8
Center for Wooden Boats: 6.5

I went to this park that was kinda a long hike to the outskirts of the city. Not really a park so much as a lookout point. But there are some nice views. I went at night, and... It was kinda cool.
Kerry Park: 8

There are some water locks where some rivers meet the bay. I'm sure this would've been a lot cooler if there were fish migrating. But, it was pretty cool seeing boats go through the locks. Discovery Park had some cool views of Puget Sound, but it was kinda hard to find my way out in the dark at night.
Hiram Chittenden Locks: 7
Discovery Park: 7


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Days 255-275: Portland, OR, USA

Wow, I stayed here 3 weeks...

storm 15 °C
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Portland was great! I couch surfed with a cool local guy for a few nights. I stayed with my old roomie, Erik, for a few days, and Lindsey for about a week. We had a Thanksgiving feast with a buncha ppl in the countryside. And then Katherine and I had another delicious Thanksgiving in the city! And I got to hang out with Korin, and Sam stayed for a long weekend. But man... Weather was maybe 15C when I arrived and about 4C when I left.

There is a small block that was turned into a Chinese garden. It's pretty nice.
Lan Su Chinese Garden: 8

I went to this hood that's basically an area with tiny bars and restaurants.
Northwest (Nob Hill): 8

Most of the interesting things are in this center part of town called the Pearl District. Lotsa galleries, restaurants, food carts, and bars. You could spend all day seeing them. They're mostly a variety of local works and artists. The Craft Museum is small but worth it. It was $4, and I saw a lot of winners from the past decade's furniture shows and vids on how they were made. But remember: every gallery is closed on Monday!
Pearl District: 8
Contemporary Craft Museum: 8

I went to an adult arcade. This place is the shit! It's a barcade, and every 2nd Thursday they have unlimited games for $5. Beat Turtles in Time. Played some Street Fighter. But I found this awesome new indie game called Killer Queen. It's a freaking 10-player game, and it's super intense. Oh, and the bus driver let me ride for free. I'm such a charmer. I actually came back here a couple times. Cheap beers, too.
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade: 9.5

Checked out the library. It's not huge, but it had a pretty decent modern collection. For example, the annotated Sandman which is like $50 per book. Awesome.
Multnoma County Public Library: 8

We tried going to the hot springs, but it was closed. Landslides. Check road conditions online and bring chains. We had to help push a car out of the snow. So we decided to go up Mount Hood. Mount Hood is pretty big (3.5km), but it looks impressive as the backdrop of the city. Kinda like Mount Rainier in Seattle. We hiked a little bear the lake, but the snow was a little more than we were prepared for, so we had to turn back after a while. But we went almost all the way to the peak where we find this cool lodge. It was about -10C and super windy. It was crazy. We saw the sunset, too. And we went to Mount Hood Brewery (on the way up and the way down). Anyway, I'd love to climb Hood one day.
Mount Hood: 9.5
Trillium Lake: 8.5
Timberline Lodge: 8.5

Well, I went to a park not far from downtown, and it's huge. There are different things to do here like the Japanese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum, and Pittock Mansion, but this weather really made me not excited about being outdoors. I'm sure it's pretty amazing in summer.
Washington Park: 8.5
Holocaust Memorial: 8
Rose Test Garden: 8.5

Oh, I went to this mineral museum. This place is a good half hour from town, but it's a pretty cool collection. They have a lot of thundereggs which usually have opals and stuff inside. Lotsa Jasper quartz and a ton of petrified wood. They gave me a discount on some rocks, and they helped me find some things like tiger eye, schist, and petrified wood. Only open from 1-5pm and costs 8 bucks.
Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals: 9.5

The main Portland gallery doesn't have much, but you could at least spend a few hours walking around looking at things. Though I'd go on Friday after 5pm, it's only five bucks. Eugene Delacroix, Anthony van Dyck, Joshua Reynolds, Henry Raeburn, Bartolome Esteban Murillo, Gilbert Stuart, John Singer Sargent, Joan Miro, Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, Paul Cezanne, a masseuse sculpture I've never seen before by Edgar Degas and some paintings, stupid Renoir, Camille Pissarro, some of Monet's water lilies, Paul Gauguin, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh...
Portland Art Museum: 8


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Mini-roadtrip! Days 1-2: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

California, here we come!

sunny 25 °C
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So little Trevor, my old roomie from Madrid came and visited from Dublin. Roadtrip! I picked him up from SFO, and we started by getting to SC. Checked out some good ol' Taqueria Vallarta. Ah, Mexican food... The horchata wasn't as good as I remembered, sadly. And we stayed at Sam's old work, that cheesy old hotel.

Checked out the campus. New buildings!

Of course, had to check out Natural Bridges! All my old haunts, huh? Saw a buncha monarchs since it was so sunny.

Hit up Wilder Ranch Beach. No one out there, even though it was an amazing day.

We drove along West Cliff and even checked out the old lighthouse/Surf Museum. Quite a few surfers out at Steamers Lane.


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Mini-roadtrip! Day 3: Monterey, CA, USA

sunny 25 °C
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We drove down to Monterey and saw a little of the aquarium and Cannery Row. We finished up the aquarium the next day.

We'd spent a long time there. And after that it was time to hit 1. We stopped at Los Lobos Point, just south of Monterey. Beautiful spot where we could see a bunch of gray whales breaching and spouting water into the air. It's a good time to see them migrating south toward Baja.

We saw a lot of the typical, amazing scenery going down the coast. Through the trees. We stopped a few times to take in the views and watch some more gray whales.


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Mini-roadtrip! Days 4: San Simeon, CA, USA

Officially in So-Cal.

sunny 25 °C
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Well, we crashed in San Simeon. Smoked the hookah; drank some beers.

We saw Hearst Castle the next day. I'd actually never been here. It was surprisingly cool! Expensive, though! $25 to see the main rooms, but $125 to see all of them. Jeez. But it just has great scenery in general, and there're even "wild" zebra out there. Cray, huh?
Hearst Castle: 8.5

Then we checked out the elephant seal birthing and mating point. There's this stretch of beach 5mi north of Hearst Castle where you could find all of the elephant seals during winter. Dec: birthing. Jan: nursing/weening. Feb: mating. There were nearly 1000 of these suckers. The babies are so funny and make the weirdest sounds.
Elephant Seals: 10

We had just enough time to pass through Pismo Beach and have dinner on Santa Barbara's wharf. Drove through Del Playa and everything. Kinda weird, but pretty.
SB Wharf: 8.5


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Mini-roadtrip! Days 5-6: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Touristy stuff.

sunny 25 °C
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Well, we ended up crashing at Austin's place in Hollywood. Just hung out w/Seth and had some beers.

The next day we did some touristy stuff. Breakfast burritos, a CA must. Griffith Observatory for some views of the city and the Hollywood sign. Walk of Fame and all of those celebrity spots for some shenanigans and drinks. Trev and I went downtown to check out his hotel next to the Staples Center where he was performing (Marriot) and went to some bars like the rooftop one at the Standard. Pretty funny, in general. $42 parking, though!! Jesus, WTF.
Griffith Observatory/Park: 9.5
Walk of Fame: 8
Hollywood Sign: 8
TCL Chinese Theatres: 7.5

So Trevor and I passed out in his hotel. But I still got up at 8AM to go hiking with Seth! We went to the Angeles Mountains. There was even a little snow at the top! Nice views and everything. And only an hour or so away from the city.
Angeles National Forest: 9


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Mini-roadtrip! Day 7: Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Back in the bay!

sunny 25 °C
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I took the 5 (look, I'm talking like a So-Caler...) to see Katrina and her babybump in SC! Went around the campus again and checked out the arboretum. :)

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